News Extended Project Qualification Presentations 23.09.2021

On Wednesday and Thursday evening over 70 Upper Sixth A Level students gave their Extended Project Qualification presentations to small groups all around the school. The 30 minute presentation is a formal requirement for the EPQ qualification, which is a key feature of our A Level programme. This cohort embarked on their EPQ journey in November last year, and so were required to develop their ideas during the Spring Term lockdown.

The range of projects this year has been wonderfully varied, including: an investigation into TikTok’s impact on the self-esteem of teenagers; the impact of Somali piracy on maritime security; and whether autonomous vehicles will be the new normal in the near future. Pupils have also developed high quality artefacts including a social media app and a piece of embroidery in the style of Christian Dior!

It was heart-warming and inspiring to see where the past eleven months of hard work have taken our Upper Sixth and we are extremely proud of their resilience in meeting the many challenges they faced with such creativity.