News EdTech 50 Schools Report 10.05.2019

In a special event held at the House of Lords, Godolphin and Latymer was recognised in the EdTech 50 Schools Report for its use of education technology to support great teaching and enhance learning.

The report highlights digital flagship schools that demonstrate a focused sense of what is useful to them in terms of technology – whether it be in supporting teaching, cutting teacher workload, collaboration across staff teams or consolidating knowledge, enhancing creativity and broadening experiences across the curriculum.

As part of our application we highlighted the research-informed approach we take in our use of technology in the classroom and how, through strategic planning – including careful consideration of infrastructure and staff training – we have developed a sustainable programme where iPads and technology are an integral part of teaching and learning throughout the school. Our objective is to enhance, rather than to substitute, the traditional learning tools available to our staff, recognising the benefits that technology can add to existing, effective classroom practices and the transformational possibilities it can bring to the classroom.

The judging panel commented that the Godolphin and Latymer submission was a ‘brilliantly set out exposition’ on how and why the school has taken this approach; incorporating independent evaluation feedback combined with validated ideas to support a transformation in teaching and learning.

We are extremely proud to be one of the EdTech 50 digital flagship schools and delighted to be included amongst such an impressive group of peers.