News Economic Society Talk: Amandine Ohayon, Stella McCartney CEO 29.02.2024

On Wednesday the Economics Society welcomed Amandine Ohayon, the CEO of Stella McCartney, to speak on her illustrious career and give insight into the daily life of a CEO.

Amandine discussed the formidable challenges she encountered along her career, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and working in a different country, emphasising the pivotal role these hurdles played in shaping her resilience. The students were inspired by her narrative which painted a vivid picture of perseverance in the face of adversity. Amandine underscored the significance of diligently working towards one’s dreams and aspirations, encouraging the audience to embrace ambition with unwavering determination. She explained in detail how she found her first job in sales that lead her to become a CEO and shaped her future.

Finally, she stressed the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals who complement and support one’s journey. She explained that it is important for someone to understand their limits and expertise and to seek the advice of experts when deemed necessary. The students left the talk with a renewed sense of purpose, inspiring them to embark on their own career paths with resilience and a strong work ethic.