News Debates Against Tiffin Boys’ School and St Mary’s, Calne 01.07.2021

Godolphin students impressed in two recent online debates against Tiffin Boys’ School and St Mary’s, Calne.

‘This House Prefers Cats Over Dogs’ was the motion for our recent online debate against Tiffin Boys’ School. The lively debate featured speeches from Ruby and Isabella in the Lower Sixth and Ella in Year 9 for Godolphin, who pitted their wits against four Sixth Form speakers from Tiffin. Although at first glance the motion appeared to be a light-hearted one, the debate was impressively wide-ranging, incorporating arguments based on economics and political philosophy. Although a Tiffin team came out with the strongest performance on the day, our speakers took second and third places and can be very proud of their performance.

St Mary’s, Calne were our opposition for the final online debate of the year, with students dealing with the motion “This House Believes Monuments to Controversial Historical Figures Should Remain”. The three Godolphin speakers were Sanaya and Ella in Year 10 and Susanna in the Upper Sixth. They dealt with the topic with great maturity, showing an impressive historical awareness and thorough knowledge of current affairs. Particular congratulations to Sanaya and Susanna who emerged as the winning team, beating two very accomplished teams from St Mary’s.