News Debate Mate with Kensington Aldridge Academy 11.11.2022

On Saturday, 25 Godolphin debaters and students from our partner school, Kensington Aldridge Academy, honed their debating skills under the expert tuition of Debate Mate.

Debate Mate tutors Kesh and Maria divided the group into two. Those who had not debated before initially went through argumentation exercises with Kesh to help them find their voice and give reasons for their positions on issues. The advanced group worked with Maria, who regularly comes in to coach our Middle School Debaters, and ran through prep technique, making better rebuttal and points of information before engaging in two hard fought debates.

It was great to watch the confidence developing through the morning and how the students all worked well together to support each other. KAA were delighted to be involved and are very keen to come back. Dolphins commented that they were now ‘ready for anything’. Huge thank you to Maria and Kesh for a fantastic and engaging workshop.