News Daisy leads breast cancer awareness in support of the Pink Ribbon Foundation 18.06.2021

Lower Sixth student Daisy has been giving talks on the importance of breast examination as part of the Social Impact Committee’s fundraising efforts for the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Having initially created an Instagram account to remind people of the importance of monthly breast examinations and to raise awareness on what they should be looking out for, Daisy has been running form time sessions and assemblies to educate the school community over the past few months. This week she has spoken to Year 9 students, and with the help of the Social Impact Committee, she plans to fundraise for the Pink Ribbon Foundation as part of Challenge Your Limits week.

Speaking on the topic, Daisy said, ‘Knowing the signs of breast cancer, how to effectively perform an examination and being reminded to do so, are vital to catching breast cancer early and however small the immediate impacts of my campaign may be, I am positive that students being educated and aware of this topic will be invaluable in later life. Thank you to the Social Impact Committee, the Lower School team and Year 9 for all the support!’.