News CYL 2022: Guest Speakers 01.07.2022

We have heard from a number of inspiring speakers over the course of Challenge Your Limits week, with talks ranging from the progression of women in journalism to why it’s important to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset when curating a career path.

On Monday we welcomed Alessandra Galloni, editor-in-chief of Reuters since April 2021. Overseeing all editorial functions across video, text, pictures and graphics, Mrs Galloni spoke to students about the role journalism plays in the modern world, and as the first female editor-in-chief in Reuters’ 170-year history, the progression of women in journalism. Later that evening we welcomed Jim Smith, a development biologist who spoke to an audience of parents and students about how the analysis of frog embryos can contribute to regenerative medicine.

Tuesday saw a programme of activities and talks for Lower Sixth students focused on innovation. self-agency and creativity from the London School of Economics. LSE alumnae and entrepreneurs led a panel discussing topics ranging from what it’s like to leave university to preparing for a dream job and whether dream jobs actually exist. After the panel event, LSE Generate start-up (and incredibly popular gelateria) Persian Kitchen served up some ice-cream and gave the Lower Sixth the chance to mingle and ask questions about their professional journeys. Full of ice-cream, students then took part in a workshop exploring letter writing, dream job spec artwork and a little bit of self exploration to help pinpoint what matters to us each of us in a job, helping link talents and passions with potential career choices. Lunchtime saw students enter a creative space with Nathania Aritao, an artist and entrepreneur from the Philippines who focuses her energy on work that serves the vulnerable.

On Wednesday we welcomed back CYL-staple Dick Moore, who spoke to Years 7 and 8 about generating positive mental health and wellbeing, and our very own Mr Corish spoke to students about his amazing experience of walking across France and Ireland, relying on the kindness of others for shelter and support.

And concluding our CYL talks for the year we welcomed The Well – an organisation focused on providing outstanding education about wellbeing and the teenage years – who spoke to Year 8 students about a range of issues that relate to teenagers’ health including the importance of sport in promoting wellbeing.