News CYL 2022: Events and Activities 01.07.2022

From dancing doctors to learning British Sign Language, students have enjoyed a number of events and activities to celebrate Challenge Your Limits week.

Building on the foundations of last year’s ‘doing the right thing’ campaign, CYL 2022 focused on the concept of creating a better tomorrow. The bottom corridor was transformed into an urban jungle where students wrote out personal pledges on butterfly-shaped cards to improve the sustainability of our planet. Around the school, students from our recently formed British Sign Language Society ran a beginners session in BSL on Tuesday lunchtime, promoting cultural awareness and highlighting the importance of inclusivity. Following a similar theme of creating a better tomorrow through dialogue and conversation, students were given a taster session in Model United Nations. Roleplaying as delegates from different countries, the session tasked students with solving the issue of the danger posed by nuclear weapons. MUN  champions the importance of international mindedness, and through collaboration and compromise, delegates came away with an increased global awareness and a better understanding of diverse peoples and perspectives. Former Head of English and debating coach, Mr Bell, also returned to the school to test students’ ability to debate, argue and listen powerfully on Wednesday lunchtime. On Thursday afternoon, we celebrated sustainability as Years 7-10 showcased their wonderfully creative outfits made from recycled materials at our Trashion Show. 

As Challenge Your Limits week coincided with World Wellbeing Week, there were also a number of workshops and activities designed to promote the importance of our own physical and emotional wellbeing. On Monday we welcomed back two Old Dolphins – Kate Goodhart from the Lumi Foundation and the ‘dancing doctor’ Dr Nirja Joshi – who ran a yoga session and dance workshop respectively. On Tuesday, students in Year 9 and 10 took part in a self defence workshop, exploring physical and non-physical techniques for self defence; helping to develop confidence and improve mindfulness. In the evening, students and parents made some food for the soul at our Virtual Culinary Challenge. Under the expert guidance of our food influencers Mrs Martin and Mrs Main, participants made a Saint Honoré cake filled with Chantilly cream and topped with spun sugar with differing degrees of success! We were also delighted to see the return of our much-loved pigs Snout and Crackling, and the new additions for this year, the goats Palaver and Rigmarole, roaming around the grounds behind the Bishop Centre at our makeshift petting zoo.