News Computer Scientists ‘Graduate’ Enrichment Programme 25.06.2020

Last week, the Upper Sixth Enrichment Programme for Computer Science came to a conclusion with all students presenting their chosen area of investigation.

The three students were all amongst the first cohort at Godolphin to sit Computer Science GCSE, and Alex and Delilah the first to study the subject at A Level.  Alex had chosen to explore functional programming via Haskell which, whilst not something she had encountered during her A Level course, will almost certainly feature in her chosen university course of Computer Science at Cambridge.  Hoping to go to Edinburgh to study Computer Science, Jenna shared her research into cryptocurrencies and the software and hardware developments underpinning them. Delilah’s chosen university course, Robotics Engineering, will almost certainly feature advanced programming in C++ and algorithms such as Kalman Filtering which Delilah had chosen to explore.

Mrs Oliver commented “it was a fitting end to their Computing studies at Godolphin and I am very grateful for their enthusiasm and commitment,  but above all, as Professor Karen Sparck Jones once said ‘computing is too important to be left to men’ – I’m delighted that Alex, Delilah and Jenna are heeding this advice!”