News Classics Trip to Greece 08.11.2019

During the first week of half-term, 28 girls in Year 11 and the Lower Sixth enjoyed six glorious days of  exploring the ancient sites of Greece in autumn sunshine.

The tour started in the south of Attica, which included visits to the beautiful sanctuaries of Brauron and Sounion. This whetted our appetites for Athens itself, where we spent two days visiting all the main sites as well as the National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum. There followed a trip to stunning Delphi, with a drop in on an Orthodox Byzantine-era monastery en route; a day later we were in Olympia, imaging ourselves as ancient victors and spectators at the greatest games of them all. Our odyssey continued across the Peloponnese, to the Bronze Age Mycenaean sites of Tiryns and Mycenae, as well as to the classical era sites of Epidaurus, and its theatre, and AcroCorinth, with its stunning views.

Good food, good company, good weather and eye-opening history and culture were enjoyed by all during this wonderful week.