News Children’s Mental Health Week 01.02.2021

Our students’ mental health is our very top priority every single week of the year but to mark Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 we are promoting positive mental health for our students in a number of exciting ways. The event coincides with our School Birthday on Wednesday 3 February when we are hoping to have the whole school participating in a yoga session followed by baking. What better way to boost the spirits than with cake? We will also be using our pastoral curriculum creatively to provide support for wellbeing issues, for example form-times for the Lower School year-groups will focus on positivity and activities that do not involve screen time. Workshops for older students will focus on the theme of ‘Living with Uncertainty’ and form-time activities are designed to boost wellbeing and positivity and these themes will form the basis of our new virtual book group for Middle School students. Yoga and mindfulness continue to be popular activities for both students and staff and this morning our School Nurse sent students some very useful tips on getting a good night’s sleep.

We have had an unprecedented response to the online parenting talk we are offering on 9 February, called The Teenage Brain: Living and Learning in Lockdown; over 300 families have already signed-up to attend.

As always, our pastoral team, Heads of Sixth Form, Middle School and Lower School, Heads of Years and Form Tutors are all on hand to help families with any aspect of their daughter’s wellbeing during these challenging times – this week and every week.