News Challenges Your Limits Week 2023: Events and Activities 21.09.2023

Students of all ages engaged in a number of activities and challenges throughout Challenge Your Limits Week which were designed to stretch their boundaries and encourage creative thinking.

Year 10 kickstarted the week bright and early with an exciting two-day bonding trip with Land and Wave in Dorset. Students came together to take part in a range of activities, forging new friendships and building rapport. From tackling challenging outdoor tasks (in even more challenging weather) to conquering their fear of the cold by spending the day in the sea bodyboarding, they all got stuck into the activities and demonstrated great resilience and teamwork.

Back at school, Year 8 students had the unique opportunity to collaborate with industry experts from financial newspaper City A.M. They stepped into the shoes of newspaper executives, working in boardroom positions to design their very own newspaper. As they developed their ideas, new parameters were unveiled, pushing them to constantly rethink, iterate, and improve their newspaper designs. This exercise not only sparked creativity but also taught students the importance of adaptability in the face of uncertainty.

Teamwork and problem-solving skills were put to the test on Monday lunchtime as students worked together in teams to tackle a challenging virtual escape room. This thrilling experience required students to communicate effectively, think critically, and make quick decisions under pressure, fostering a spirit of resilience and creative problem-solving.

Creativity was taken to new heights as we welcomed the Brick People for a series of LEGO activities. Students collaborated on a range of building challenges, emphasising the importance of feedback, iteration, and improvement. Constructing intricate LEGO designs allowed students to reflect on their decision-making processes and make necessary adjustments to produce the most effective solutions.

For those seeking a fast-paced challenge, the lunchtime LEGO Speed Building Challenges provided an opportunity for students of all ages to engage with LEGO in a fun and competitive setting. In a heartwarming display of teamwork, students joined their House families to design and build parts of a “town for the future” out of LEGO. This collaborative effort showcased the power of creativity, resilience, and collective problem-solving, with Sixth Form House Captains having to step out of their comfort zones to present and articulate their towns for the future to a large audience of students and staff.

On Thursday morning, Chartwells, the school’s caterer, presented Year 8 students with a task of designing and developing a nutritious morning snack. Throughout the event, students worked on prototypes, gathered feedback from the school community, and prepared to present their final ideas later in the year. Later that afternoon we hosted an inclusive, Harvard Business School-style debate, where students of all ages were encouraged to voice their opinions, engage in respectful discussions, and practice persuasive communication. It was an opportunity for students to challenge their own beliefs, learn from one another, and develop essential debate and critical thinking skills.

Challenge Your Limits Week was a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering creativity, resilience, teamwork, and adaptability in its students. The week’s events not only challenged students to think outside the box but also equipped them with valuable life skills that will serve them well for the rest of the school year. As the school community reflects on the success of this special week, it is clear that the spirit of innovation and a willingness to embrace uncertainty have been ignited in the hearts and minds of the students.