News Challenge Your Limits Week: Guest Speakers 13.03.2020

We were fortunate to have so many inspiring and thought-provoking talks throughout Challenge Your Limits week – from Old Dolphins to mental health experts – discussing everything from the climate crisis to the tales of children from remote villages in the Himalayas.

In Friday’s launch assembly our Challenge Your Limits sponsors, Oak North, invited Suruchi Saxena Bansal, Country Leader for Treasure Truck UK, to speak about her career experiences and the well-being ‘life hacks’ she has used throughout her career. On Tuesday evening, we welcomed award-winning producer, director and Old Dolphin, Zara Balfour, to speak about her career and how she pushed the boundaries of film-making for her British Independent Film Award winning documentary, ‘Children of the Snow Land’, which tells the extraordinary story of children growing up in the highest inhabited villages of the Himalayas who have to leave their families for twelve years to achieve an education.

Our rich network of Old Dolphins was called upon for more inspiring and thought-provoking talks throughout the week with Sarah Barfield-Marks (Class 2012), speaking on her work with climate change charity, Possible, and why we should ‘Dare to Care’ about the climate crisis. That same evening, our ‘Dare to Care’ panel event pulled in parents, students and staff for a dynamic and informative discussion from several well-being leaders. These included Tara Chandra, co-founder and CEO of socially-conscious brand of organic feminine hygiene care products, FLO; nutritional therapist and founder of Vitality Wise, Sarah Carolides; and well-being leader at Deloitte, Arti Kashyap-Aynsley. The panel was also moderated by LJ Silverman, creator of the Generate programme and leads the development and growth of entrepreneurial activity at the London School of Economics. 

LJ also had time in her busy schedule to return the following day for an intimate workshop with Project Happy Note that explores the emotional and social benefits of being grateful. Project Happy Note works with hotels, charities and corporates across the UK and worldwide to ensure loved ones are supported during difficult times, and girls had the opportunity to brighten up their loved ones’ days by creating a personalised card for a chosen friend. We also welcomed Laura Wallis from the charity Debating Mental Health for a session with Debating Club members in Years 9-11 to explore issues around mental health and the promotion of mental well-being.