News Celebrating International Women’s Day 11.03.2021

Our return to school coincided with International Women’s Day in which students were able to celebrate and discuss the importance of the day during their form times.

Students discussed the recent changes that have been implemented to tackle gender inequality and reflected on the significant progress still to be made; discussing the global educational inequality through to glass ceilings and the gender pay gap. They explored how many academics and economists view educational equality as a key to making continued progress. The impact that educating women can have on the economy, their health and sustainability is clear with the impact felt for generations to come.

In keeping with ‘Choose to Challenge’ – the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day – students were able to spend time choosing to celebrate the achievement of inspirational and influential women over the last year, from human rights activists through to CEOs. It was inspiring to see who and why the girls related to so many of these inspiring women.