News Careers Networking Event 28.11.2019

Last Friday saw the first Careers Networking Event for Years 9-11.

Curious, creative and innovative, pupils were really motivated to discover more about the world of work from a wide range of representatives from a variety of career paths. Girls made their way around the Bishop Centre to engage with an impressive host of volunteers including artist Amy Schukburgh, whose portrait of Harold Pinter hangs in the National Gallery; to Dr Dafni Moschidou who is an expert in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine; to journalist and entrepreneur, Emma Irving, to name but a few. The career paths represented ranged from civil engineering, architecture, medicine, fashion design, software engineering, programming, investment banking, art curation and entrepreneurship. The event was so successful that a programme of working lunches is being developed for the Spring Term to continue our commitment to helping students to think about their future options beyond the classroom.

We appreciate that events like this only work as a result of the generosity of those willing to engage with our pupils. We are thus keen to develop our network of people prepared to share their experiences with our pupils and would appreciate a moment of your time to fill in the form linked below indicating if you would be happy to play a part, however small or large, in our careers programme.

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