News Bridge Programme Continues Remotely 19.06.2020

The Bridge Programme continues to run remotely and pupils have now successfully engaged with three online sessions. 

To manage the remote sessions as effectively as possible, we continue to welcome more Sixth Form Bridge volunteers to the programme. Bridge pupils are divided into smaller groups of four or five when completing tasks, and Godolphin students are ‘present’ with the teacher in the classroom to answer any questions and provide additional support.

Miss Hanger and Ms Catlin continue to deliver engaging Maths and English lessons from their homes. In English lessons, Ms Catlin covered the short story A Monkey’s Paw and pupils have been set homework to pen their own short stories. Pupils have recently enjoyed a Geography lesson and an introduction to Philosophy. In no time at all they were enthusiastically discussing ‘how we know what we know’ as well as Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. 

For all pupils the remote Bridge Programme is their first experience of the Google suite and they have taken to it very quickly. The platform allows teachers and pupils to provide live feedback and it is clear to see that they greatly enjoy the interactions with Godolphin students, staff and each other. Many pupils ‘arrive early’ so they can virtually talk to one another. This week Miss Catlin received some very positive feedback at the end of her lesson, with one pupil commenting ‘I loved the English lesson it was AWESOME!’.  

We are really missing the Bridge pupils but have so enjoyed watching them progress from home. The next session is scheduled for Saturday 4 July and there are plans to deliver the first ‘live’ lessons using Google classroom.