News An Adventure in Antibes for Year 8 15.06.2023

Gatwick Airport buzzed with excitement as 50 Year 8 students set off on their trip to Antibes in the south of France.

In Antibes, the girls exuded a joie de vivre, embracing every moment whether they were in lessons, climbing trees, or kayaking. They eagerly explored Antibes, Nice, and Grasse, immersing themselves in the local culture and even visiting a renowned perfume factory. Language barriers proved no challenge for our fearless Year 8 students. They regularly interacted with locals giving them plenty of opportunity to practice their linguistic skills and deepen their understanding of French culture.

As their adventure drew to a close, saying goodbye to the breathtaking region proved difficult. The girls left Antibes with hearts full of gratitude for the lasting memories, friendships, and personal growth they had experienced. Their enthusiasm, maturity, and adventurous spirit represented the school community admirably. Merci les filles!