News Aesthetica Short Film Festival 16.11.2022

Many congratulations to Ms Maher, Teacher of Speech and Drama, whose short film ‘The Cunning’ has been selected for The Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF), an international film festival which takes place every November in York. The festival is a celebration of independent film from around the world and as a BAFTA-qualifying event, short films that are screened there may be eligible for a BAFTA award.
‘The Cunning’ stars Gemma Arterton and Bethany Asher and tells the story of two women forced to fight accusations of witchcraft in 1724.
Ms Maher explains that, ‘the experience of screening a film at a festival like Aesthetica is enormously valuable for new filmmakers. There is so much to be learnt from watching the work of others and listening to experts talk about their craft. For ‘The Cunning’, the next step will be to find collaborators who want to progress the film to a feature-length version. And, who knows; it could be coming to a cinema near you soon… Keep your eyes peeled!’

We certainly wish Ms Maher the very best of luck and we are sure she will be an inspiration to our budding screen writers.