News A Level Art and Design Exhibition 2022 24.06.2022

We were delighted to welcome students, parents, friends and teachers to the A Level Art and Design Exhibition for the first time in two years.

The audience made their way through the Bishop Centre admiring the depth and breadth of work on display. The diversity of the themes chosen by each student to investigate was a key strength running through the exhibition, including: sustainability in fashion, childhood, medical science, threats to environments, cultural diversity, and the wonder of the natural world. The sketchbooks charted how themes had motivated the students to research and explore ideas with committed, perceptive enquiry and an open mind to experiment with techniques and processes of making. The ambition in the artwork was clearly apparent as was the quality of finesse and sophistication of intention and application.

The overall standard of excellence achieved is testament to the purposeful application, rigour and highly creative thinking of all 22 students in the Upper Sixth. We hope this Class of 2022 are as proud as we are of them for their outstanding work and for all they have achieved in their time at Godolphin.