News 2021 Bridge Programme 11.02.2021

This Saturday saw the launch of our 2021 Bridge Programme. We were delighted to have 72 students from 36 local primary schools join us remotely, using Google Classroom to set assignments and Google Meet for live video teaching. Several families were lent Godolphin and Latymer iPads to help them access the online learning.

Split across four classes, the Bridge students had lessons in English, Maths, Philosophy and German. In English, Ms Catlin and Mr Ryan used the aunts from James and the Giant Peach to teach about powerful adjectives and imagery. In Maths, Ms Ratsma and Mr Keay taught about BIDMAS and had some fun with ‘magic squares’. The children then had an introduction to Philosophy with a lesson on the Plato’s cave allegory, taught by Mr Higgins and Ms Davis, which involved plenty of discussion and debate. For German, Ms Fenton and Mr Hobby gave the children an introduction to the language and culture, and even had them chanting German phrases in unison whilst at home!

This year we have continued to work with Atom, an online learning platform, to provide the Bridge children with an opportunity to stretch and challenge themselves in their own time. Atom have access to our English and Maths curriculum and have designed and built bespoke tasks and activities based on the Bridge programme.

We look forward to welcoming the 2021 cohort to Godolphin and Latymer School when we are able, but, in the meantime, it has been wonderful to see such engagement with our online offering.

To learn more about the Bridge Programme, please click here.