EntrepreneurshipBusiness and Innovation

In 2018 we launched an exciting programme of opportunities to encourage students to unleash their inner entrepreneurial spirit. Though not every Godolphin student aspires to be the next Deborah Meadon or Richard Branson, developing an entrepreneurial mind-set will help equip them for the 21st century workplace. Important qualities that we are keen to nurture include creativity, innovation, flexibility, self-belief, problem-solving, resilience and purposeful collaboration. Some of our initial activities include:

Dragons’ Apprentice where students are introduced to concepts such as market research, gross vs net income, direct costs and overheads, cash-flow and securing investment

The F Factor, a nationwide start-up competition that provides students with tools, skills-training and context to bring their ideas to life and present them to experts

TedEd Project where students explore the seventeen UN goals for sustainable development and look at ways to communicate their ideas and then present them at Ted Talks

Money Matters, an event at the Founders Factory in Kensington where students learnt about creating and investing in ‘accelerator’ and ‘incubator’ businesses.

We are lucky to welcome parents, alumnae and friends of the school who can speak to the girls about developing an entrepreneurial mind-set and being successful in business. In March we hosted an Entrepreneurial Panel Event on female leadership in business, tech and science with representatives from Forbes Fintech, Snapchat, Spotify and the Stem Cell Research Department at King’s College Hospital.