Year 9 Geography visit Walton-on-the-Naze

Posted: 24/05/18

On Tuesday, the whole of Year 9 visited Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, to study the constantly changing coastline around this traditional seaside town.

In the morning, the girls walked north along the beach and took in the slumping cliffs, seaweed-encrusted WW2 pillboxes, and more than 16,000 tonnes of granite rock placed below the historic Grade II-listed Naze Tower to protect it from the power of the North Sea waves. The girls investigated the local geology and drew field sketches of the coastline to show the coastal processes they have studied in their lessons. Stopping to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine by Naze Tower before investigating the effects of long-shore drift in the afternoon, the girls worked in groups to measure the beach profile and were able to see the results of a £1.2 million coastal erosion management project in action.

The field trip was a brilliant opportunity for the girls to practice their fieldwork skills and see the coastal geography they have been studying this term come to life.

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