Year 7 Trip to Normandy July 2017

Posted: 22/09/17

For those of you that are looking for something fun to do next summer holidays, the French trip to Normandy is the perfect answer! You get to have fun with your friends, make new ones, take part in exciting activities, go to visit a beautiful French castle (and get some major shopping done) and so many more thrilling things.

The journey to get to the chateau is a long one, but certainly comfortable, enjoyable and quite good fun. The coach stops twice at a service station where you can get some snacks, look around and stretch your legs. When you arrive at the chateau, you get taken to your dorm to drop off your bags. This is also the perfect opportunity to look around the room and bathroom and choose your bed. Then a cold but yummy dinner is served and you get to know a bit more about the chateau and all the rules. Not long after, it is time for lights out and since everyone is exhausted, there is no complaint.

The next morning there is tour of the chateau so you are not as lost as you were before. There are animals to pet and lots of open space for running about and, of course, the dorms if you prefer to relax in your free time.

The activities start on the first day. From the assault course to making bread and archery to handball in the evening, the fun is endless. There are also some free periods, usually before meals, in which you can do whatever you please.

However, you also learn a lot of French whilst on the trip. Nearly everything is said in French but is explained clearly, so you learn a lot without even realising it!

There is also a trip to an amazing French castle, Mont Saint Michelle. There are many shops and the teachers let us explore in small groups and buy souvenirs and many more things. Another great highlight is the disco on the last day where there is a talent show and lots of dancing.

Overall, the trip to Normandy is really good fun and a great experience to have, cherish and enjoy. I hope that you will consider going, as it is really worth it!

by Emily Payne

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