Year 7 at the London Wetlands Centre

Posted: 14/06/17

As the clouds parted and the sun began to shine, year 7 set off on a short journey from School to the WWT London Wetlands Centre in Barnes to learn more about the importance of the wetlands, practise their biological drawing skills, and investigate pond biodiversity. The girls enjoyed gazing across the wetlands from the WWF hide, quietly observing the appearance and behaviours of a number of bird species, including sand martins nesting on the sand banks. On the opposite side of the Centre, girls listened out for the characteristic ‘munch’ of water voles and ‘cackle’ of marsh frogs. Many girls also took the opportunity to engross themselves in some guided independent research using the Centre’s resources to learn more about the adaptations and lifestyles of the threatened species which inhabit the wetlands that have been created and are being managed by the WWT across the world. The highlight of the girls’ day was certainly the surprise of catching a newt whilst collecting, identifying and counting a range of invertebrates and animals from a pond for their ecological investigation.  

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