Year 10 Classics visit to the British Museum

Posted: 21/06/18

Year 10 Classical Civilisation students demonstrated their command of the Parthenon during their visit to the British Museum.

As part of the new exciting GCSE syllabus they study the sculptures on the Parthenon and their significance for the Athenians. The girls carried out visual analyses of the metopes depicting the Centaurs fighting the Lapiths, where they observed that seeing these metopes ‘live’ meant they could really see the levels of relief and the definition on these ancient sculptures, and so see why the Athenians chose these images to represent their power. The girls also enjoyed the poses in the procession section of the Parthenon marbles and realised that even still figures can convey a sense of movement. They then visited the Rodin exhibition and explored how Rodin used the emotion and motion of the Parthenon marbles in his own work.

It was a very valuable afternoon and confirmed their sound knowledge and understanding of what they had been studying in class.

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