Wild Aspirations: Could the Platypus Save Your Life?

Posted: 30/11/18

This week, members of the Wild Aspirations programme took inspiration from the Biology department's new informal learning space (made possible by the Annual Fund) to discover the animals behind the most innovative solutions to today's most pressing healthcare issues.

Students completed a circus of activities - designed and led by Sixth Form students - exploring the biochemistry of venom, biomimicry, conservation and classification to introduce members to specialisms typically studied as part of a Zoology degree.

Examining first hand a resin clone of the platypus skeleton, not only highlighted anatomy as an important biological discipline, but also allowed the girls to better understand why scientists debated the classification of this strange mammal for almost century.

The Wild Ambassadors concluded the session by sharing examples of university essay competitions and online community science projects which have enriched their Sixth Form studies.

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