Unlocking Godolphin's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Posted: 08/02/19

We are launching an exciting programme of opportunities to encourage students to unleash their inner entrepreneurial spirit!

Though not every Godolphin student aspires to be the next Sheryl Sandberg or Richard Branson, developing an entrepreneurial mindset will help equip them for the 21st century workplace. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, including a new breed of social and environmental entrepreneurs, such as Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO of non-profit charity, Water, and Anne-Marie Imafidon, Co-Founder of Stemettes.

Important qualities that we are keen to nurture include creativity, innovation, flexibility, self-belief, problem-solving, resilience and purposeful collaboration. With this in mind, students have been invited to take part in an exciting programme including:

Start-up Competition

Students from Year 7 to Lower Sixth are asked to consider: ‘How could I make a difference in the world by creating a product or a service?’ They will be supported with workshops on generating ideas, financial planning and investment, communication - and more – as they seek investment in their projects.

Dragons’ Apprentice

Year 8s will spend a day as Dragons’ Apprentices learning about business and entrepreneurship and being introduced to concepts such as market research, gross vs net income, direct costs and overheads, cashflow and securing investment.

The F Factor

This competition is open to students who are 14 and over and focuses on solving problems through tech solutions, based around the Sustainable Development Goals. The Godolphin Entrepreneur Society will provide more information and support.

Girls have already signed-up for the F Factor Workshop at St Paul’s Boys which will provide insight into the competition and the world of tech and entrepreneurship.

Money Matters

An event at The Founders Factory in Kensington for middle school pupils, run alongside St Paul’s Boys, focusing on a fun way to learn about investment strategy through an interactive game.

The TedED Project

Students from Years 7 to Lower Sixth will explore the 17 UN goals for sustainable development, looking at ways to communicate their ideas and then present them at Ted Talks.

Just the Beginning…

More projects are in the pipeline with plenty of opportunities for students to get involved.

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