The IB Group 4 Project

Posted: 18/05/18

The Lower Sixth IB girls were given two weeks to research and design projects based on the theme of plastics and pollution as part of the Group 4 Project. Their projects had to address the Group 4 aims of developing and applying 21st century communication skills, becoming critically aware as global citizens of the ethical implications of using science and technology, and developing an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and their influence on other areas of knowledge.

Armed with their ideas, the girls had just one day to carry out experiments, produce display boards and make a video documentary to showcase their work to the Year 8 girls. The teams displayed enormous creativity in their projects which included making plastics alternatives from food items, designing a filtration system to stop microbeads entering the water supply, measuring the impact of pollution on marine life and proposing a phone app to show levels of pollutants in foods.

On Thursday they demonstrated and discussed their projects with staff and students of all ages before showing their films, which were hugely entertaining, informative and showed some excellent applications of science. Well done to all the girls involved.

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