Successful College US Applications

Posted: 02/03/17

Factors for a successful US application:

US admissions selectors use all of the information included in the application:  GCSE grades, AL/IB predictions, School Recommendation, Teacher Evaluations, additional references, and college essays.

Important elements are:

  • Transcript:  a strong academic performance at GCSE and in predicted A-Level or IB grades is expected.  G&L experience (click here) shows that AL and IB students are equally successful.
  • Colleges look for evidence of leadership, commitment, and passion from extra-curricular activities in and outside of school. 
  • Service to others is expected.  US colleges believe that it is their students’ duty to actively help others who do not have their advantages.  This should include some activities done entirely separate of G&L.
  • How have you made an impact?  Started something, organised/led something, made a difference to some else’s life, been the best at something? 
  • Essays and supplement answers which clearly and comprehensively address the prompts.  Colleges want to know who the applicant is as a person, what really matters to them/what they care about, and what they’ll add to the college community.
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