Sixth Form Enrichment Programme

Posted: 19/09/16

Earlier this week, Caroline Drennan, Head of Sixth Form, launched our second year of the Sixth Form Enrichment Programme with wide ranging and rather thought-provoking talk on ‘The Composition of the Universe’! What better way to kick off the Enrichment Programme, which is designed to help our sixth formers explore their subjects beyond the classroom and encourage an inquiring and reflective perspective on the world.

Every Tuesday over the next four week, we will be hosting a series of lectures for the sixth form to attend on a variety of topics. The lectures are delivered by staff with a particular passion, expertise or controversy to pose. We are very grateful to the members of staff who have contributed to our exciting programme and are busy fine-tuning their lectures as we write - from ‘Quantum Physics: what is matter and why does it matter?’ to ‘Gender Equality in the Film Industry’ via ‘The Political Career of Baroness Thatcher’’ to name just a few!

We hope the sixth formers really enjoy this opportunity to engage, extend themselves and enrich their school experience.

Sixth Form Enrichment programme

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