Origins of the Greek Alphabet

Posted: 22/03/19

Led by James Renshaw of the Classics department, parents, alumnae and friends of the school were treated to a fascinating morning workshop on the origins of the Greek alphabet and the part it plays in modern society.

With roughly ten percent of the English language deriving from Greek, the likes of Delta Airlines, gamma rays and pi (π stood for περίμετρος/perimeter hence its use for all those circular equations) were just some of the eclectic derivations explored, and all had their own stories. Those in attendance were treated to a wonderful history of the development of the Greek alphabet, writing (and its subsequent loss and rediscovery) and a memorable quote from one of the earliest examples of writing on pottery - sadly unreportable due to its sensitive nature - regarding drinking and Aphrodite. The attendees also had an opportunity to actually write in Greek and were given insight into the issues around translating from Greek into English before trying to do so themselves.

Huge thank you to James for an absolutely fascinating talk from α to Ω.

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