Money Matters at the Founders Factory

Posted: 01/03/19

On Thursday evening, girls from Years 10 and 11 joined students from St Paul’s Boys at the Founders Factory in Kensington to learn about creating and investing in ‘accelerator’ and ‘incubator’ businesses.

The students heard first hand from Joseph Mishon, an ex-St Paul's and Business Development lead at the Founders Forum, and Alice Scholes, a Godolphin alumna, who spoke about her entrepreneurial journey, from school, studying Classics at Oxford, via acting to working at L’Oreal before starting up her own businesses at the Founders Factory. The students then teamed up to take on the ‘Money Matters’ challenge to grow their initial £500 through a whole range of investment strategies from safe and secure low-interest banking, a compound interest building project, to Rich Ricky Easy Money Investments. Sadly, at the last moment, Rich Ricky called in from Monaco to explain that he had ‘lost’ the pupils money!

Aran from St Paul’s and Ines from Godolphin were our winning team who had grown their money to over £40,000 in less than an hour. All of the students had a lot of fun and certainly learnt a lot about starting-up and investing in new businesses.

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