Languages Week 2018

Posted: 16/11/18

For the last five days we've celebrated our love of languages and different cultures in a jam-packed Languages Week. The school's calendar for the week was filled with numerous events and activities for the girls to enjoy and participate in, including a performance of 'La salle des Énigmes' - an interactive play performed entirely in French by actors from Onatti Productions.

During the week students could both test their language skills and explore aspects of foreign cultures, from studying the ancient art of Tai chi, taking up the challenge of German Mastermind, testing their general knowledge of all things Italian in Viva L'Italia, to learning the steps needed for Flamenco dancing.

In the current political climate, it was refreshing and reassuring to see students embrace linguistic and cultural differences with such open-mindedness and understanding and demonstrate their enthusiasm for discovering how other people in the world live.  

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