Digital Sisters Raise Digital Awareness

Posted: 01/02/19

On Tuesday afternoon, we welcomed back Charlotte Robertson, one half of the Digital Sisters and co-founder of Digital Awareness UK, a year after her first successful visit to Godolphin.

Charlotte delivered two really engaging and informative workshops to our Year 7 and Year 10 students, exploring ways to effectively manage their use of technology and improve their digital well-being. Following this, there was a talk to parents on the same topic in the evening in which Charlotte gave an insight into the responses of the students during the afternoon. Charlotte provided parents with information and advice on how they can help their families to navigate and better manage the online world and social media. Helpful suggestions on how parents can initiate conversations with their daughters to facilitate open and pro-active dialogue on their use of technology, were also discussed.

We hope that Charlotte’s sessions will help our students to make informed and positive choices when it comes to their online activity and management of their digital devices. 

For more information on Digital Awareness UK, visit

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