Challenge Your Limits Week 2018: Pushing Ourselves

Posted: 02/03/18

Resilience remains the core principle at the heart of Challenge Your Limits. For Godolphin & Latymer students, this meant a variety of different things in the challenges they participated in throughout the week.

Year 7 musicians challenged their limits by trying a range of less well-known instruments including the harp, double bass and trombone (among others) in an event run and organised by Upper Sixth student, Nicole.

Year 8 chefs tried their hand at making ‘Crunchy Critter’ cakes; which, on first glance, appeared to be a series of chocolatey delights, but were filled with insects to encourage the girls to think about alternative food sources.

Throughout the week, students were presented with a series of fun physical challenges in the school hall, including attempting to balance on the backwards bike and pulling shapes in the classic game of twister.

Girls of all ages took part in a workshop to create their own charm bracelets; displaying their creativity in a wonderfully colourful and wholly enjoyable event.

But the greatest act of resilience students displayed was in battling the adverse weather conditions that hit the UK. Despite the bleak forecast, the girls brightened up the week with their enthusiasm and willingness to participate.

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