A Taste of Learning at Godolphin

Posted: 24/05/18

Last Friday, our new Year 7 students were given a taste of learning at Godolphin with a thrilling Physics demonstration courtesy of Mr McGrath and Miss Frayling.

The girls were shown a short clip of the Apollo 8 Saturn V launch in 1968 before creating their own 'rockets' with balloons strapped to toy cars. Shortly afterwards, they ventured out on to the astro pitch where they were able to witness our own pressurised water rockets being launched into the stratosphere.

The girls had a great deal of fun and certainly seemed enthusiastic about the prospect of learning at Godolphin come September!

As part of our Primary School Partnership Programme, we welcomed thirty Year 6 pupils from Brackenbury Primary School to take part in a morning of fun Chemistry experiments.

Teaming up with 8M, the students investigated the pH of various household substances and the reactions of acids with different metals. The students particularly enjoyed the ‘Rainbow Fizz’ experiment in which they competed to make the best rainbow using hydrochloric acid, sodium carbonate and indicator.

We look forward to hosting some more Year 6 students after half term.

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