In-house InternshipsReal-life Problem Solving

In 2022 we launched a series of exciting In-house Internships to help students develop the ‘soft’ business skills valued by future employers. Pupils engage with business leaders, experts and professionals ‘in-house’ at Godolphin and take part in ‘real-life’ analytical and problem-solving activities. Students collaborate, develop convincing communication skills, critical research skills, think creatively and embrace different perspectives. Part of our Futures programme, the internships are structured as a range of challenges focused on developing evidence-based ideas and solutions and the first series of courses ran from March through to June including:

– Entrepreneurship Internship: Lower Sixth help music streaming service KEAKIE increase its market share by engaging new users. Students will explore the psychology of consumer behaviour, the role of social media in user engagement, market and brand positioning and researching future trends in order to produce an evidence informed plan which will be presented to CEO Crystal Eisinger. Read about their visit to the London Interdisciplinary School.

– Empowerment Internships: Year 9 design an experience which explores why we, as humans, question our place in the communities in which we find ourselves. Students will explore the very natural human responses of fight-flight-freeze and also develop communication and presentation skills using theatrical techniques. They will combine these learnings to create a theatrical conclusion to the project.

– Sustainability Internship: Years 8 – 10 create a strategy to help Godolphin and Latymer reduce its carbon footprint and achieve Net Zero emissions. Students will explore the ways in which Godolphin might reduce its carbon footprint. Working with relevant stakeholders and connecting to research, the students’ evidence-based ideas will be presented to a group of senior staff. Alongside this our Year 8 students have been working on a Little Carbon Footprints project to reduce emissions in their home.

– Inclusivity Internship: Years 11 and Lower Sixth create a programme which broadens gender empathy amongst a mixed-gender audience. Students will learn how to empathise with and understand the range of perspectives on what is a complex and often emotive issue in order to create a legacy which can be continued by students in future years.

– Big Data Internship: Years 7 – 10 work with data science to research air quality and the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns. Students will analyse real world scientific data and develop key skills around presenting and communicating scientific data culminating in a presentation to experts as part of the IRIS conference.

– Small Business Internship: Year 7s work with Urban Pantry café to increase midweek revenues. Students develop ideas to increase the mid-week revenue streams for the small business looking at market positioning and brand values, the weekly revenue stream and costs and ‘Headwind’ challenges and  ‘Tailwind’ opportunities. Read our latest Power of the Pitch news update.