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Welcome from the Head

When I welcome visitors to Godolphin and Latymer, they often comment on the warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere and the creative and enthusiastic energy of the girls. This is a school where individual talents are nurtured and championed and where students are encouraged to develop their own passions and interests; there really is no typical Godolphin girl!

We take pride in the school's longstanding reputation for academic excellence, but there is much more to life here than simply our headline achievements. We are ambitious and innovative in our approach to teaching and learning to best equip and inspire our students to flourish in the outside world. For our Sixth Form pupils there is the choice of the A Level or International Baccalaureate pathway and, from the very beginning of a student's time at the school, the curriculum is both broad and deep. Beyond the classroom there is a huge amount going on and the range of activities and interests pursued by the girls, with such boundless commitment and energy, never ceases to amaze me.

I hope that our website gives you a flavour of life at Godolphin and Latymer. However, it is by visiting us that you will gain the strongest impression of our unique atmosphere and ethos, and I do very much look forward to extending a warm welcome to you in the near future.

Dr Frances Ramsey


The G&L Aims

Provide our pupils with an outstanding education. Through the lessons and activities in which they participate, girls learn for life. They develop habits of mind that promote curiosity and initiative, intellectual rigour and independence of thought, reflective learning and flexible thinking, the ability to maintain an open mind and to reach a balanced judgement. They achieve excellent examination results and follow the higher education pathway of their choice at leading institutions in the UK and beyond.
Recognise that all our students are different and we aim to provide each one with a stimulating and enjoyable education. We offer an exciting range of intellectual, creative and physical challenges and opportunities, encouraging the development of individual passions and particular skills alongside the self esteem and confidence with which to succeed in unfamiliar situations.
Continue our long history of providing education for pupils from a wide range of backgrounds, creating an enriching and inclusive atmosphere. Within this principled, caring and friendly community, girls learn to lead, to work together for mutual benefit, to communicate clearly and to forge firm friendships.
Encourage students to learn about local, national and global issues and in so doing we believe they become considerate, compassionate and courageous young women who fully expect to take active responsibility for the community and the environment in which they live, as well as for themselves, both now and in the future.


The Arts

From full scale theatre productions, to a creative exhibition space, to holding concerts for full orchestras, and much more, the Bishop Centre is at the heart of performance. In addition, a dedicated drama studio, multiple music rehearsal and practice facilities and Art rooms allow girls to find freedom in creativity.


Our catering department have an unswerving commitment to providing tasty and nutritious food (with pudding always available!). Listening to the School Council, and always keen for additions to the suggestions booklet, the menu is always changing to appeal to all concerned.

The Library

With just about 30,000 books, incorporating over 1,000 e-books, the Library at G&L is stocked to cater for all varieties of reader. Girls can be found using the Library at all times of the day for further subject reading, something to pass some leisure time or as a place to study.


Our premises and grounds create a vibrant and bustling environment yet give girls the space to breathe. A commitment to improving our facilities has brought life to all parts of the school for more girls than ever before.

Full scale theatrical productions in the Bishop Centre.
Inspiring art studios flooded with natural light.
Creative exhibition spaces.
The Drama Studio provides creative workshop space
Adaptable rehearsal spaces.
Fully equipped music suite.
Girls' refectory serving a comprehensive range of healthy meal options.
Girls' dining hall.
Self-service salad bar.
International cuisine.
Highly skilled kitchen staff catering for a range of events.
Annual charity Gala dinner.
30,000 books covering a comprehensive range of subjects.
Incorporating 1000 e-books.
Author visits.
Book signings.
A place to work.
A vibrant bustling environment.
Light modern interior space.
Calming outside space.
Space to breathe.
Working outside.
The school hall.
The Bishop Centre offers a flexible space catering for lectures, concerts and functions.
The Rudland music school provides modern adaptable teaching spaces.

Over the past 3 years we have refurbished and fully updated all of our Science labs. We have equivalent facilities in Biology, Physics and Chemistry.


The Hampton Sports and Fitness Centre, opened in September 2015, is a modern sports facility designed and built to support girls sport and activity. To this end, the multi purpose sports hall features a superb rock climbing wall, space for two side-by-side trampolines, fully functioning cricket nets, indoor hockey set-up and more. The dance studio and fitness suite are also wonderful spaces. In addition to the sports centre we have a full size hockey astro and 3 netball courts, which transfer to use for tennis in the summer.


We have embraced advances in technology across the school looking to blend tradition with the future, our 1:1 iPad programme a clear example of this. The latest technology assists musical composition, 3D pens allow girls a new perspective and programming robots through computer code becomes second nature. Where the technology is of benefit to a girls progress and learning then it definitely has value.

Recently refurbished, modern dedicated labs...
Physics. Here GCSE girls build motors.
Chemistry. A level titration in action.
Biology. Lower School girls work with microscopes.
Hampton sports centre.
Fitness Studio.
Cricket nets.
Dance studio. Flexible space for Yoga, Pilates and Zumba
The Technology workshop.
Food technology.
3D Printer in action.
One of our ICT Suites.
iPads are a core part of our approach to embracing technology.
The addition of dedicated music technology facilities allows girls freedom in composition.
A Brief History
Of The School

The Godolphin and Latymer School is a day school for 780 girls aged between 11 and 18. It was built in 1861 as the Godolphin School, a boarding establishment for boys, set in fields near the River Thames at Hammersmith in West London. In 1905 it became an independent day school for girls, associated with the Latymer Foundation and taking the name of the Godolphin and Latymer School.

From 1906 onwards it received grants from the London County Council and the Board of Education for equipment, library books and buildings. In 1951 the school received Voluntary Aided status under the 1944 Education Act and, in 1977, rather than becoming a non-selective school under the State system, it reverted to full independent status.

Parents, Teachers and Friends Association

The Goal Of The PTFA

The goal of the PTFA at G&L is to continue to build a strong, participatory and vibrant parent community through formal and informal social opportunities, to better connect and support one another and support the girls’ learning experience. The G&L Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) committee provides a forum to exchange important information between the school and its G&L families.

Role Of The Committee

The committee, which comprises representatives from school staff as well as parents, meet frequently throughout the year to share and discuss thoughts and ideas. The committee is also supported by up to two class reps from each form throughout the school; this all adds up to a strong network of communication amongst parents. Furthermore, the class reps often organise opportunities for parents in a given form to get together.

PTFA Membership

When your daughter joins G&L, you automatically become a member of the PTFA. You will quickly discover that G&L is very inclusive; we warmly welcome your suggestions and feedback and remain grateful for the wonderful support received from our parents each year.

PTFA Events

Jazz night and Quiz night are big occasions for the parents at G&L. Both events can attract upwards of 200 parents and are fun and relaxed ways to informally connect with school, in addition to raising funds to support projects of benefit to the girls.

PTFA Fundraising Activities

The PTFA has moderate fundraising activities in place to meet our financial objectives. Each year the initiatives help to fund a half fee bursary and provide greater enhanced learning opportunities for the girls. Parents, staff and girls are invited to offer suggestions of how best to direct any funds raised. The PTFA have enjoyed supporting ‘Challenge Your Limits’ week in the last two years and there are activities within this focus on resilience for parents to join in!

Funded By The PTFA

A girl in Year 10, presenting superb research, suggested that a CnC router (a computer controlled cutting machine) would be a valuable asset in Technology. Other special items funded by the PTFA in recent years include a 3D printer, calligraphy cloths, yoga mats, an additional defibrillator machine for the new sports hall, special debating seminars, the sports captain board and a hockey goalkeepers kit.

Digital Pinboard

Two of the more technically minded parents have established a digital pinboard that acts in the traditional sense, advertising items for offer, wanted or recommended. This stylish site is exclusively for G&L families to use. Once you join the school, you are able to register for this website and can start submitting information immediately. Subscribers receive a weekly email on Thursdays showing current news alerts.


All our teaching vacancies are also advertised on the Times Educational Supplement website.

For further information contact the Personnel Department:
Telephone: 020 8735 9555
Facsimile: 020 8735 9596

Application Form Continuation Sheets:

Teacher Training

As well as qualifying to teach before employment, it is possible for graduates to train on the job. At G&L we welcome applications from those with strong academic qualifications. We can train potential colleagues in conjunction with a training provider such as the University of Buckingham. Candidates would aim to achieve a qualification which would allow them to teach in the maintained as well as the independent sector. Throughout the training period the teacher would be salaried and fully supported with a subject mentor. They would teach a reduced timetable to enable them to undertake appropriate development activities.

The second year of this process would be the NQT induction year. We are also pleased to receive applications from those who have qualified elsewhere and who need to simply complete their induction.

The Independent Schools Council provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the different routes into teaching. (


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Chair of Governors: Alison Paines
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If you have an enquiry about Admissions, please contact the registrar by phone or email,, contact reception or visit the Admissions section of the website.

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School Magazine

The school magazine serves to encapsulate and show the flavour and energy generated by student’s school life experiences and achievements throughout the year.  Designed, edited and put together by a team of students the magazine covers a wide range of subjects and events making it a popular read. To read the magazine click here.

Life at G&L

This booklet is designed to give information about the broad education offered to girls at Godolphin and Latymer.  
To access the booklet and read more please click here.

IB Core Collection

The Core Collection is a publication celebrating our IB leavers’ (Class of 2018) achievements in the Core of the Diploma Programme!

Click here to view our fourth edition...

Dolphin News

G&L Newsletters.
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Dolphin Link

The Dolphin Link magazine plays an important role in helping Old Dolphins stay connected with the school and to each other.  To read more and to access previous issues please click on the links below.

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